Small Group Classes

We keep our group classes small to ensure the highest levels of attention and instruction.    Group equipment classes hold no more than three students, and group mat classes no more than six.

The mat classes are only £5 because we want everyone to have access to Pilates.  Mat Pilates will keep the spine flexible and the body strong, which is imperative for good health.  However, Pilates is a system, and the equipment is an important part of the practice and should be utilised if you’re able.  It provides important feedback as to how the body is moving, provides assistance to the body and allows the student to fine tune the movement, and through the use of spring tension increases flexibility drastically beyond what mat work alone is capable of.  The equipment is also important in cases of injury and rehabilitation, where spring tension allows the joints to move fluidly and without impact, strengthening the weak muscles and ligaments while simultaneously stretching the tight ones, and providing much needed support to the body.

While private instruction is always recommended for new students, one to ones are not required as a prerequisite to join group classes.

Group Mat £5

Group Equipment Class “Drop In” £15  Set of 5 £75 Set of 10 £150

Monthly Equipment Class Memberships

4 Classes per Month £54

6 Classes per Month £81

8 Classes per Month £104

12 Classes per Month £144

Introductory Unlimited Week £29

Introductory Unlimited Month £74

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