Pilates is not generally considered cardiovascular exercise.  However, due to the dynamic pace and constant, flowing nature of movement in classical pilates, our intermediate, advanced, and cardio jumpboard classes raise the heart rate to above 60 percent.

The fat burning heart rate zone, 60%-70% of maximum, does not cause the muscles to produce glycogen.  This means that less calories are burned than when the heart rate is above 70 percent.  However, the lack of glycogen means that approximately 85% of the calories burned are from fat.

The endurance training zone is 70%-80% of your maximum heart rate.  Here, the heart is strengthened, the muscles produce glycogen, and more calories are burned than in the fat burning zone. The presence of glycogen means that approximately 50 percent of the calories burned are from fat.

Want to see for yourself?  There is a heart rate monitor in the studio, an instructor will help you calculate your maximum and target heart rates, and you are welcome to wear the monitor during any class to find out where your heart rate is measuring.